How to Choose a Web Host

How To Choose a Web Host? [Things to Consider First]

Today we are going to learn what to consider when buying a web host for our website or blog just like So let’s begin!

Choosing web hosting may seem very simple but it is not. There is a lot of analysis and comparison which have to be done to choose the perfect web hosting for our website. Now why it is very much important to choose the best web hosting when there is a lot of hosting available for free.

It is the question we all face when we first buy a web hosting. Many of the beginners, they host their website on free hosting so because it is free and they don’t have to pay any money.

It seems cools but it is a very bad mistake for your blogging career. So I am here to save you from this mess and will guide you to look for things in a web hosting before buying it.

Why Free Hosting is a Bad Mistake?

No one on this planet doesn’t want free stuff. It is very much tempting to use free stuff than paying a huge amount of money on expensive hostings. So let me clear this up for you.

There is nothing free in this free world. So you are always paying some hidden price and that doesn’t have to be money. It can be performance, value, and success. 

the reason why every blogger will not recommend to use free hosting is that. The free hosting is not reliable at all and it only costs our valuable time and motivation. When we host our website on free hosting then the speed is very slow and it takes around 3-4 seconds to load the pages.

Remember there are millions of websites with the same content on the internet. So why will anyone wait for your website to load? Instead, they can go on a different website which is fast.

So the other disadvantage of using free hosting is that they make money by putting ads on your website. This is very bad for your website as you will have no idea that which ad is going to appear on the banner.

So this makes a bad reputation for your website and the user will never visit your website because of the annoying ads.

So now, you have got a clear idea that why you should not go for free hosting. It is way better to invest some money in good hosting services and get good results.

Now, the questionaries, that how we can identify a web hosting is good or bad? Worry not because this article will clear up all your doubts.

How to Choose a Web Host

Things to Consider Before Buying a Web Hosting

When searching for a good web hosting there comes many factors which are to be considered before buying. We are going to see all those factors and after going through this article you will become an expert in purchasing web hosting.

1. Reliability

The first thing that should be considered before going for web hosting is reliability. It is very much important that the hosting provider should be well established in the market. It is because if they are in the market for a long time then the chances of getting shut down are very less and also the services will also be good.

Otherwise, many hosting providers start and close every year. Their services are not reliable as if you have hosted your website and it suddenly shutdowns then all your website data will be lost as well as your users.

2. Features

A good web hosting offers amazing features to their clients like SSD servers, speedy performance, 24/7 support team all over the world. the features are very important for web hosting and it is just like our laptop features. If you will choose the best processors, disk, and ram then your laptop will run superfast. Just like that if we choose the best CPUs, rams, cores, drives then our website will run super fast.

However, the features depend on website requirements. If you have a heavy website that gets thousands of visits every day then you will need fast processors and a lot of space. On the other hand, if you have a new website then it only requires little space and a fair processor will do the work. It is very important to choose the right resources as it will affect the pricing of the plan.

3. Free Addons

Today every web hosting provides free addons with their hosting plan. So why not take advantage of these addons. However, the free stuffs various from company to company. So you will have to look for the web hosting provider who offers the best deals.

Some of the web hostings even provide a free domain name for 1 year which will help you save some money in your pocket.

4. Server Uptime

Server uptime is the time for which the server is up and running. It is a very important factor because it tells you how much time the server was up and down. So if the server is going down frequently then it is the bad option to go for. So therefore, the best option when it comes to uptime guarantee is FastComet. Go with it if you want a reliable hosting provider.

The best server uptime is 99.99% which states that the server is working for 365 days without going down or for a few seconds. Whoever offers above 90% is a good web hosting.

5. Customer Support and refund policy

Now, even after analyzing and considering all the factors for choosing the best hosting. It doesn’t mean that the services will be good. We can only know this after using the service for a few months.

The hosting provider should be available whenever you need them. So check if they are providing 24/7 support service to your location. Otherwise, it is of no use. Because technology always have some problem and errors and you need to have experts to resolve the problems.

The other thing to consider is the refund policy. Many web hosting provides 30 days or more refund policy. So if you want to cancel the service within the specified period then you can do it and a total refund will be provided.

So this was some of the things which you should consider before buying any web hosting.

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