FastComet Hosting Review

FastComet Hosting Review: Which Hosting Plan Should You Join?

Choosing a perfect plan for a website is very difficult if you are new to web hosting. so in this article, we are going to learn how to identify the perfect hosting plan from FastComet Hosting.

Web hosting is a very important part of the website. it is where our website runs to go live on the internet. People able to access our website because of web hosting servers. so it has a huge impact on our website speed and performance.

If something gets wrong with the hosting then it will down our website. so it is very important to choose a reliable and powerful web hosting like FastComet Hosting.

Let’s jump to FastComet Hosting to know more.

FastComet Hosting Review

FastComet hosting is the number one web hosting solution in the world. it was founded in 2013 and now it has become a favorite choice for a web hosting solution. it was built with the mission to provide everyone the tools to host their website or online business easily. They are providing premium services at affordable prices so that everyone can use it.

FastComet Review

FastComet Hosting has gained huge followers from its establishment and it’s still growing. It is because of powerful servers that can handle any size of website and applications. The servers are optimized for all types of websites like WordPress, woo-commerce, Magento, and many more.

FastComet’s services are very reliable and secure for all kind of websites. they have a lot of tools that help clients to manage and save time and money. Tools like free SSL, domain transfer, backups, CDN are very costly for beginners. But in FastComet is provide for free in all the hosting plans.

FastComet has won several awards for 100% customer satisfaction and has tons of positive reviews. Clients trust them for their website and they focus on their other important works.

Their support service is top-notch. They provide a complete solution to all kinds of problems for the clients. they are very knowledgeable and expert in their work. They are good to communicate and very friendly. So the client can easily discuss their problems and find a solution.

FastComet Hosting offers multiple server locations to their clients. This helps the client to choose the preferred location. The client can pick the location where it is getting more views and engagement. So those users can access the website faster. It helps the website to increase user experience.

FastComet doesn’t want its clients to take stress for managing and moving data. Once the client purchases the plan they get a free domain and site transfer service. service is done by experts and they move all the data safely to FastComet’s server as soon as possible.

The client doesn’t have to take any stress, they just have to sit back and do whatever they do best. While the experts move the website from the old server to the new within 24 hours. All the data will be safely transferred without losing anything.

FastComet Hosting plans

FastComet have various hosting plans suitable for all kind of website and applications. So clients can choose the perfect fit and save money.

FastComet Hosting Plans

1. Managed hosting

Managed hosting is a hosting type that provides a complete management service. all the servers, applications, monitoring, updates, and optimization will be managed by the hosting.

It allows the client to save time on this work and focus on other important work. It is very beneficial for busy bloggers. as they only have to manage website content and marketing. The rest of the parts will be managed by the provider.

It is a bit expensive as they manage all the backend services and provide great support.

2. Unmanaged Hosting

Unmanaged Hosting will have the same resources as managed hosting. the only difference is that the client has to handle the backend. All the tools and services will be provided with the plan and they have to do all the setup.

So, it is suitable for those who have good technical skills and have time to manage it. it is a bit cheaper than managed hosting.

3. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most popular hosting plan. It includes all the required basic tools and resources for hosting a basic website. it is cheaper than the rest of the hosting plans. It is because the client has to share the same server with multiple clients.

So when other websites will have any error it may affect the overall server and also other websites. so it is a bit unsafe and not suitable for big websites.

At the time of writing this great blog post, FastComet has offered an exclusive 60% discount to all the starters. Review the image below and grab a massive discount on the Shared Hosting Plans.

FastComet Discount Applied

But, it is overall good for basic and new websites as they can move to higher plans after some time.

4. VPS Cloud Hosting

FastComet VPS Cloud hosting is an advanced level plan. It includes all the features that are offered in shared hosting but with extra resources. Also, there are more features and stability in the advance plan.

In VPS cloud hosting a single virtual server is provided to a single user. This allows the client to manage the server and don’t have to worry about performance. As a single server is provided, it becomes easier to manage and add resources.

It is a bit expensive than shared hosting plans because of extra resources and powerful servers.

5. Dedicated CPUs Hosting

For applications like machine learning, video processing, image editing, gaming, and CPU intensive work Dedicated hosting is preferred. In dedicated hosting, there are a lot of CPUs, and resources are provided to do heavy computational work.

It is built for handling extreme traffic on the website or application without fail. It can easily serve and manage all traffic at one.

The price is a bit higher than all other hostings. it is due to heavy processors, space, and tools. It is used by high-end applications and heavy traffic websites only.

It is not recommended for a basic or new website.

6. WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is a specific hosting plan that is optimized for WordPress. It is built and optimized to serve the WordPress website more efficiently. This makes the server robust and provides extra speedy performance than other hosting plans.

7. WooCommerce Hosting

Woo-commerce is an e-commerce application used for creating an eCommerce website. it is designed for the woo-commerce application so that the store can run faster and serve users efficiently.

It is dedicated and configured for the woo-commerce website. this provides an extra boost just like WordPress hosting. it can be available in all types of hosting. like shared, VPS, Dedicated.

Which Hosting Plan You Should Join?

We have seen all the FastComet hosting plans and now we are confused about which one to pick. It is very simple, just check the website you want to build. Once all the website types will be clear then you can move to the plan.

If you want to host a machine learning project which does heavy calculations and takes a lot of space. Then Dedicated hosting is the best plan. Also if the website gets more than 10k views daily then also dedicated hosting is the go.

But, if your website requires medium-level resources and has a good amount of traffic. Then VPS cloud hosting is the right choice. It will provide a reliable server and speedy performance. The whole server will be allotted to you only. so there will be no problem with server overloading.

But, if you are starting now and want to create a basic website. then shared hosting is the most suitable plan. It includes all the sufficient resources and tools that a website needs. there is no need to buy extra tools and resources.

For a new website, fewer resources and computational power will do the job perfectly. So when the website start growing and demands more resources then upgrade the plan in one click.

So, now you have got an idea to choose the hosting plan. You have to first identify the website or application you want to host. Based on that choose the specific plan.

It will help to save money by spending on the right amount of resources. You will not have to buy huge rescues before the website demands. So this saves a lot of money.

The best thing about FastComet hosting is that they offer 45 days money-back guarantee. this offer lets the client’s test services and resources. They can check every service thoroughly to become sure about the plans.

The client can verify the speed and traffic management on the website. so after checking all the services they can satisfactorily continue using it. but if they feel it is not right for the website or application then simply cancel it.

A complete refund will be provided to the client after successful cancellation within the period. The client has to cancel the plan within 45 days of purchase. Otherwise, they will not get any refund.

There is no risk in trying any hosting plan in FastComet. It will just ensure the user about the service quality. So, we have came to end. Now, if you are still confused then start with the basic hosting then move forward as the demand increases. It is the best strategy for beginners to succeed in blogging.

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